Get ready to board the train through Europe

Get ready to board the train through Europe

by Admin in 2017-12-06 23:05:02 UTC
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Game Overview:

In Ticket to Ride: Europe players are attempting to claim train routes between great cities like Paris, London, Moscow and Constantinople (not Istanbul). In between each city, there are different colored routes linking them. The players will have to collect train cards that match the route’s color to claim it as their own. Victory points are acquired from claiming these routes and the longer the route the better. Players can also attempt to complete destination tickets by connecting one city to another with their trains gaining even more victory points. Each turn players will have to decide if they want to claim a route, take more destination tickets, add train cards to their hand, or place a train station. Play will continue until one player has only two train pieces remaining. Points are then totaled and the player with the highest total wins.


Just like with most Days of Wonder products, the components are fantastic. The train pieces have small details that makes them look like actual train cars. The artwork on the board is extremely detailed and has a weathered look that fits in with the time frame of the game. One major improvement to the base version of Ticket to Ride is the train cards. In the original game, the cards are about half the size of a normal game cards and I would occasionally have problems shuffling and holding these cards. Luckily for me, and many others I’m sure, they decided to increase the size of these cards to a more standard size. Overall, the components are top notch in this game.

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