Codenames, it has pictures

Codenames, it has pictures

by Admin in 2017-10-31 20:41:53 UTC
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There are three essential components to Codenames: agent cards, key cards, and codename cards. The agent cards come in red and blue to represent the two teams competing against each other. There are eight for each team, plus a single card that is red on one side and blue on the other. Whichever team goes first has the burden of an additional card to identify and this card is used for that purpose.

There are seven bystander cards, which act like a stop sign on a team’s turn and are placed on the board when a team picks a word that doesn’t belong to either team. There’s also an assassin card for identifying a hidden assassin that will end the game for any team that’s unfortunate enough to pick that fateful codename. All of these cards are good quality cardboard and are double-sided with a female character on one side and a male on the other (except for the shadowy assassin).

Key cards are used by the spymasters to identify which codenames belong to their teams. There are 40 of these map cards, and they can be inserted into a card stand in any orientation. The key cards are made from playing card stock, and each has red or blue border notation to identify which team goes first when using a particular card.

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